On average Kansas has 2,000 homeless every night.


Most homeless are not only economically, but spiritually poor; that is, have broken spirits and broken hearts. Like the lost son, some have made bad decisions.  Like the lost sheep, some have just wandered away. Like the lost coin, someone else has displaced them. Even our society bears the burden and often the cause of these conditions created by a focus on individual wants, rather than the common good lived out in a just and compassionate culture.


The mission of Home, Sweet, Home Homeless Ministry, LLC is to provide short-term shelter for homeless men; with the goal of assisting our guests to obtain long-term housing, establish mentoring relationships and to secure stable employment. This ministry changes the homeless by providing resources to regain independent living. This ministry also changes those who provide the ministry by fulfilling Jesus' command of outreach. All of these together, result in systemic change for a better society in which the common good prevails.


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